AIR ALPS – Richiesta Incontro Contratto Collettivo

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3 Settembre 2007
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19 Settembre 2007

AIR ALPS – Richiesta Incontro Contratto Collettivo

      Human Resources
      Eduard-Bodem-Gasse 1/3-A-
      6020 -INNSBRUCK
      Mag. Armin Partl – HR       Cpt. Tutzer Edoardo
                Dott. Bachlechner Sabine
               fax +43 512292729499



Subject:  Request.

Dear Mr. Partl,
in order to create a common land of collaboration, the Association formally ask Air Alps a meeting to individuate the way of working to the requested “Contratto Collettivo”.
As you already know, Italian workers who have a continuative contribution on Italian territory, must claim a “Contratto Collettivo”.

Waiting your answer,
Best Regards.

Roma, 30 agosto 2007  

Claudio Carli

Segreteria Nazionale Anpav