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25 Marzo 2020
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27 Marzo 2020


Dear colleagues ,

We are aware that almost all of us received a payslip with a deduction for U/L NOT REQUESTED .
Meanwhile the negotiations with the company are still ongoing , the Company have unilaterally decided to proceed with illegal and erroneous deductions on our payslips .
Since the right of claiming back the money is responsibility of the single employee, the first step is to contest the payslip personally via official Company channel.
Obviously we hope to find an easy solution to have the money back, but in the worst case scenario we need to be ready for a legal action. In this last case, it’s fundamental that every single pilot and cabin crew must have proof of contesting the payslip via official channel to the company. The last payslip is not correct and we are refusing it, requesting a new corrected one.

Following the message that shall be sent using Zendesk:
For Pilots and Cabin Crew the query shall be sent to : HR dept and Payroll Dept
MARCH 2020 Dear Dept,

Today 27 March 2020 , I received, via Zucchetti system, my payslip for the fixed part of March 2020 and variable part of February 2020.
Despite my query dated …… and addressed to ……….., where I stated that I didn’t request any U/L within March 2020, (*add the previous sentence in cursive, only if it is relevant) in my last payslip there is a deduction of ……… euro for unpaid leave with code 110016.

Since I have already communicated to you that I didn’t request any U/L and I was not accepting any U/L imposed by the company, I kindly ask you to pro- duce a new correct payslip for March 2020 .
I also remind you , that according CLA and Italian labour law , U/L ( aspettati- va non retributiva ) can’t be allocated and in case of imposed U/L all the de- duction can be persecuted by law.
If I will not receive a new correct document, I will be forced to proceed via legal way assisted by my Union legal dept .

Thank you for you attention, waiting for a kind response Best regards